by Rick Copple

These are devotions that I did for a monthly email list back in 1995. I stopped doing them around March of 1998, but have kept up this web site that I originally created to store them on and keep them. I did some of these when I was a Nazarene pastor, but in the middle of 1996 I left the Nazarene Church and joined the Orthodox Christian Church. You can get more info on that and other things by going to a web site I maintain for Orthodox inquirers and converts. Enjoy the devotionals. Some of them were actually quite good, and you must might find something to make you think! I would say, however, as time tends to do, that I do not necessarily agree with everything I wrote back then. History is history, however!

Devotional List

Contentment Producing Faith (3/98)

God Will Disappoint You (2/98)

Go Ahead, Light Up! (1/98)

Are We There Yet? (11/97)

Campfires for God (10/97)

Restoring Our Rocks (9/97)

As the Soil Turns (8/97)

Healing the Blind and Deaf (7/97)

To Know Him is to Love Him (6/97)

Give Me Oil in My Lamp, Keep Me Burnin' (5/97)

Facing Death Through Death (4/97)

"Revive Us Again" (3/97)

"Bringing the Glory Down" (2/97)

Making the Trinity Relevant! (1/97)

Christmas Simplicity (12/96)

Worthily Walking Before God (11/96)

Training for the Race (9/96)

The Journey of Salvation (8/96)

To Change or Not to Change....Is That the Question? (5/96)

Is Your Life in Focus? (3/96)

The Gospel According to.....Jesus (2/96)

God's Watch (12/95)

Joy Comes in the Morning (11/95)

Bible Studies

Colossians 2:1-3:17  "On relationship of grace, rituals, and spiritual disciplines"


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